Voluntary Work

The Red Cross - various tasks

The Red Cross in Iceland is constantly seeking volunteers for their various tasks. Voluntary work can speed up the process of integrating into a new community. We encourage everyone to contact the Red Cross to see if they can be some use for a good cause.

The Red Cross in Iceland


City of Reykjavik, Department of Welfare - Interpreters

Due to high number of asylum seeking refugees the Department of Welfare within the City of Reykjavik administration appreciates all help regarding support and assistance for children coming to Iceland on their own, without parenting guidance. Assistance is appreciated in terms of interpretation for various languages; Farsi, Urdu and Arabic for instance.

Please contact

Edda Ólafsdóttir, City of Reykjavik, Social Worker for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Sími 411 9044


Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is