UI Intraweb/UGLA

The University of Iceland uses its own intraweb called UGLA.

Every new employee needs to apply for an Ugla and UI email account. When accepted the employee reeives an username and password. The username is actually the UI email address.  In order to be able to apply for the account one needs to have the Icelandic ID number in place.

Relocation Service notifies the applicant when ready then the username and password can be obtained at the IT Service Desk at the 1st floor at the University Centre.

The Relocation Service assists academic staff and post-docs to obtain the Ugla account by applying on their behalf.

The UI email address and Ugla are the University communication tools. All employess are strongly advised to use it in their daily work life in order not to miss out imperative announcements, events and other things that might be crucial in the daily life as an UI employee.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students need to go them selves directly to the UI Service Desk at the University Centre to apply for their Ugla account.

Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is