Trade Union & Pension Fund

Trade Unions

Unions represent wage earners in collective wage agreement negotiations and protect their interests. Collective wage agreements are agreements between unions and employers and concern the wages and employment terms of workers. It is important to note that employers and employees may not agree to lower wages or worse employment terms than those guaranteed in the collective wage agreements.

BHM-Association of Academics is an umbrella organization for its member unions. Each member-union represents workers with particular qualifications or professions.

University of Iceland employees mostly belong to three of BHM member unions:

FH - Union of University Teachers

Most University employees and doctorate students are members of the Union of University Teachers (Félag háskólakennara).  Do not hesitate to contact the union for any information relating to your employment rights, and benefits.

FH Managing Director - Helga Birna Ingimundardóttir

Contact info: 525-4770  /

FÍN - Trade Union for Natural Scientists

Number of UI employees in the field of natural sciences, earth sciences and biological sciences are members of FÍN. New employees can apply for a membership. More information on the union and the application form can be found on the website.

The application form can be found to the left at the bottom of the page, a blue button named "Umsókn um aðild".

Contact info: 595-5175 /

State University Professors Union

The State University Professors Union is a union for all professors employed at the Icelandic state universities; University of Iceland, University of Akureyri, the Agricultural University of Iceland and Hólar University College.

Contact info: 525-5415 /

State Pension Fund

By law, all persons employed in Iceland must pay a premium to pension fund. This premium is usually 4% of wages, complemented by another 8% paid by the employer. Public servants, including employees of the University of Iceland, are obliged by law to pay their pension premium to the Pension Fund for State Employees.

Citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA can apply to have their pension premium reimbursed if/when they choose to return to their home country.

Citzens of EU/EEA can have their pension premium reimbursed after the age of 60.

All employees have the option of making agreement with employer on additional pension savings "séreignarsparnaður". With such an agreement the employer pays additional percentage as well, but maximum 2%. For example employee pays 2%, 3% or 4% in additional savings and employer pays 2%.

Application -  Agreement on Additional Pension Savings.

Furhter information, rules on reimbursement and reimbursement application can be fournd on the fund webpage.

Application - Reimbursement of Pension Contributions made by foreign Citizens.

Contact info tel: 510-6100 /

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