Residence and Work Permit

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Non-EU/EEA citizens require a residence- and a work permit if they plan to live and work in Iceland.

We strongly recommend that you secure housing prior to your arrival. See more under Housing.

Residence Permit Application

All incoming staff members who are non-EU/EEA citizens will be assisted with the application process and assigned a representative by the Relocation Service.

In order to apply for a residence permit, you must provide the following documents. Documents must be English or must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Please note that all documents must be originals except where otherwise noted.

List of required documents

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1.     Application form for a residence permit

2.     Passport photo

3.     Photocopy of passport (The photocopy of the passport may be scanned and sent via email to your     representative)

4.     Criminal record certificate

5.     Housing certificate (not needed for Phd students)

6.     Medical insurance application form (may be scanned and send via email to your representative)

7.     Application for a work permit

8.     Employment contract (3 signed originals)

9.     Authorization form

10.  Copy of your Phd certificate (may be scanned and send via email to your representative). Incoming Phd students need to submit a copy of their MS certificate.

Once you have completed all the required forms and documents, please send via email for reviewing to your representative beforr you mail the documents via express delivery to Relocation Service.

REQUIRED FORMS - To download all the required forms in one document, please click here.

The processing time at the Directorate of Immigration takes from 60-90 days after the submission of the documentation.

All possible issues that rise during the process goes through the Relocation Service that notifies the applicant if needed.

Arriving with a family

Spouse - Non-EU/EEA Citizen

Spouse who is non-EU/EEA citizen will also need to apply for residence permit along with each family member you plan to bring to Iceland. You should apply for their residence permits at the same time as you apply for your own residence permit.

Please note that your spouse/partner will need to apply for a work permit along with their residence permit if he/she already has a job offer. Without a job offer is no need to apply for a work permit simultaneously with the residence permit. During the stay in Iceland the spouse is always required to apply for a work permit if she/he gets a job.

Spouse - EU/EEA Citizen

Spouse who is a EU/EEA citizen can arrive in Iceland without a residence permit. You, the employee, can arrive with your spouse but you as a couple will need to have a proof of the matremony by providing your marriage certificate. On arrival you, the employee, need to register into Iceland with your wife/family at Registers Iceland and submit the form Family Reunion with an EU/EEA Citizen. The spouse needs to provide a proof of financial means for 3 months for the couple. No need to proof financial support for children. The minimum financial support for a couple pre month is approx. 280.000 ISK.

After registering at Register Iceland the EU/EEA spouse needs to register the non-European spouse/family members into Iceland through Directorate of Immigration. The list of documents accompanying application for registration as immediate family member of EU/EEA citizen.

For more information, see family reuinification and more information about the individual requirements for different family members can be found in the links below:

–    Spouse/partner
–    Children
–    Other relatives

EU/EEA Citizens

EU/EEA citizens and their families may stay in Iceland for up to three months without registering and changing their domicile at Register Iceland. If staying longer than three months, they need to register their legal residence/domicile at Registers Iceland. The popuation registry in your home country will be notified and common rights like health care insurance will be transfered between the countries in order to cover the 6 months period before becoming a full member of the Icelandic society. See more under On Arrival.

After regestering your legal residence and when registered into the public registry you will receive all important civil rights like locals do have.

Living in Iceland for a longer time is impossible without an Iceland ID number (kennitala). See more under On Arrival. UI Relocatoin Service provides fast-track service for incoming EU/EEA staff, the process takes 1-2 days. Usually it can take 6-8 weeks to receive it without the fast-track service.

We strongly recommend that you secure housing prior to your arrival. See more under Housing

Imperative information can be found in this booklet. "The first steps for EEA & EFTA citizens in Iceland."

Arriving with a family

Spouse - EU/EEA Citizen

Spouses who are EU/EEA citizens may reside and work in Iceland without a work permit.

Relocation Service can use a fast-track service for Icelandic ID number applications for employees only. Unfortunately we can not use the fast-track service for ID number application for EU/EEA spouses and family members. They will have to go the normal way, to apply at Registers Iceland. The process can take 6-8 weeks.

Spouse - Non-EU/EEA Citizen

Spouses who are non-EU/EEA citizen are eligible for a residence permits on grounds of family reunification. Please bring your marriage certificate to Iceleand as you will need to proof your matremony upon your arrival. You will have to register at Register Iceland and submit the the form "Family Reunion with a EU/EEA citizen. Also, the spouse needs to submit a form "Family Reunion with a EU/EEA Citizen" to the Directorate of Immigration and submit other documents as well, marriage certificate, copy of passport. The complete list of documents can be found on the DOI website.

More information on non-EU/EEA spouses can be found on the DOI website.






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