Leaving Iceland

Before you leave Iceland make sure you take care of those bureaucratic matters needed when moving from one country to another.

Changing Domicile

To the Nordic Countries

Those moving to the Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark, Noway and Finland do not need to change their domicile when moving from Iceland. All you need to do is register into the relevant country and the Register Iceland gets the information accordingly.

To all other countries

Please use this form, when moving to other countries than the Nordic countries. Unfortunately the form is only in Icelandic. The Ice Key is used to access the form.

Pension Reimbursement

Citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA can apply to have their pension premium reimbursed if/when they choose to return to their home country. Other citizens, for instance those from the EU/EEA countries, need to wait until 60+ plus to be able to acces their pension savings.

Application - Reimbursement of Pension Contributions made by foreign Citizens.

Contact info tel: 510-6100 / lsr@lsr.is

Tax Authorities

Please make sure all tax claims are fully paid. You can contact the Directorate of Internal Revenue for detailed information on your individual tax status.

More information can be found on Euraxess Iceland website.



Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is