Non-EU/EEA Citizens

Residence Permit Granted

After a application for a residence permit in Iceland has been approved and a preliminary residence parmit granted, the  representative in Iceland, UI Relocation Service, will be notified via email with an announcement from the Directorate of Immigration. Please notice residence permits are issued for one year at a time.

The announcement declares important instructions regarding the final process of issuing the residence permit:

  • Upon arrival the applicant has to be photographed in order to be issued a residence permit card. The photo will be taken at the Directorate of Immigration office or at the offices of the District Commissioners outside the capital area. Please note that photos cannot be taken at the office of the Reykjavik District Commissioner. Please bring your passport.
  • Upon arrival please make sure you have filled out the form A-269 Notification of residence in Iceland and submit it to the Directorate of Immigration.
  • Upon arrival the applicant needs to undergo a medical examination within two weeks from entering Iceland. The medical exam must be in accordance to the Act on Health Security and Communicable Diseases. Applicants from certain countries are exempt from having to ungergo a medical exam. For information see list from the Directorate of Health. Please notice the medical examination can be quiete expensive, approx. 35.000 ISK. Other possible option is to have the medical examination done in the home country at a recognized and certified clinic and have it evaluated by the health authorities in Iceland.

When the applicant receives the announcement from the Relocation Service via email he/she can book the airfare to Iceland in accordance with the supervisor’s wishes and instructions.

D-Visa to Iceland

Citizens from certain countries requires a D-visa to Iceland, they are prohibited to enter Iceland without the visa. A list of countries that need a D-visa can be found at the Directorate of Immigration webpage, the applicant needs to make an appointment at the relevant embassy, usually the one the applicant listed in the application form. The Directorate of Immigration provides the embassy a permit to issue a visa for the applicant. In some cases Danish embassies provide the service on the behalf of Iceland.

Those citizens who dont need visa to enter Iceland can enter anytime and wait for the permit being issued. The only restriction is the limit of 90 days staying period within the Schengen area. More information can be found on the Directorate of Immigration website.

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