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Due to the economic crash in Iceland 2008, Reykjavik is still dealing with shortage of available housing caused by a long term pause in housing construction. The tourism boom in Iceland has added to this systematic problem. There for the rental market in the Reykjavik area can be quite limited. We strongly advise you to search for accommodation as soon as possible.

The University of Iceland retains a limited number of guest apartments for its staff, but due to high demand for the apartments, these cannot be guaranteed. Most staff members from abroad rent apartments through private entities.

Occasionally private renters contact the Relocation Service with housing offers, which are then forwarded to international staff in search of housing. The Relocation Service does not guarantee housing and is not in any sense responsible for it's staff housing.

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Lease Agreement

At the Ministry of Internal Affairs website is a lease agreement form for residential premises.

Please notice, the Relocation Service is not in any sense involved in the making of lease agreements between it's staff and landlords. It's only role is to connect staff and landlords.

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