Job Search Assistance

Job Search

The job market in Iceland can be quite challenging as its small and rather homogeneous market compared to larger communities.

We aim to support spouses on job search by connect them with recruitment agencies and assist them with job search counseling.

Directorate of Labour

At the Directorate of Labour website can be found practical information regarding the job search, job counseeling, umemployment benefits and more. Vacant positions are published at the site as well.

Application for Unemployment Benefits.

Directorate of Labour offers various information for job seekers, please see a short slideshow here.


Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies offering assistance in English, please feel free to contact them.





TeqHire Iceland

Other recruitment agencies listed at the Directorate of Labout can be found here.


International Companies in Iceland

Number of international high tech companies operate in City of Reykjavik and in the municipalities around Reykjavik. Thes companies are constantly looking for highly skilled staff.

Marel - A leading global provider of advanced food processing systems and services.

Össur - Prosthetic Solutions and Bionic Technology.

CCP - A computer game company, developing virtual reality games.

Alvogen/Alvotech - A biopharmaceutical company. The company is currently recruiting as they are new in Iceland and need approx. 200 new employees.

Travel Companies

Iceland is currently in a tourism boom. The travel industry has grown dramatically over the past five years. Travel agencies in Iceland might appreciate foreign language skilled people with travel guidance experience.

More information can be found on the Icelandic Travel Industry Association webpage.


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