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Icelandic Health Insurance

Everyone who has resided legally in Iceland for six months automatically becomes a member of the Icelandic social insurance system, regardless of nationality. Residency means a registered domicile based on the length of registration at Registers Iceland.

EU/EEA Citizens

In order for your relocation to Iceland to become as smooth as possible, please make sure you read the following information on registration at Icelandic Health Insurance, E-104 form and the European Health Insurance Card.

Registration at the Icelandic Health Insurance

In order to be insured in Iceland for the first six months of your stay you need to register at the Icelandic Health Insurance.

Please fill out the form "Application for registration at Icelandic Health Insurance" Print out the form and send via email to

Confirmation of previous Periods of Insurance

Those transferring their residence to Iceland from another EU/EEA Member State should obtain the E104 form and have the last insurance institution in the relevant European country confirm these insurance periods.

The E-104 form confirms periods of insurance, employment or residence in other EU/EEA Member States and are taken into account in order to fulfill the six month qualification.

In some cases insurance institutions do not provide individuals with the E104 form. In those cases you just submit the application for registration at the Icelandic Health Insurance (see above). The Icelandic Health Insurance will request and obtain the information needed from your home country within 2-3 months .

The E104 form should be submitted to the Icelandic Health Insurance along with the form "Application for registration at Icelandic Health Insurance".

Both can be submitted via email at

The European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card is a free card that gives you access to medical assistance, under the same conditions and at the same cost as people insured in any of the 28 EU member states and the four EFTA states Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

More on the European Health Insurance Card

We recommend all individuals to bring the European Health Insurance Card to Iceland. It will simplify doctor visits in terms of time and money.

Icelandic Health Insurance - contact:

Non EU/EEA Citizens

All non-EU/EEA incoming UI employees will be covered by a private health cost insurance prior arriving in Iceland. This is required by the Directorate of Immigration and needs to be arranged before submitting the application of residence permit in Iceland.

The Relocation Service assists in arranging and paying the insurance. The insurance gets validated upon arrival. The same applies to non-EU/EEA family members.

Private health cost insurance - what is covered?

Health Cost Insurance, Policy Terms. Please read it carefully.


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