Employment Contract & Pay Slip

Crossing the roadEmployment Contract

All UI employees are entitled to a written employment contract detailing the terms of their employment.

A written employment contract should contain:

  • Employee‘s name and ID number
  • Position/job title
  • Information on where the work is to be conducted
  • Employee‘s main tasks and responsibilities
  • Information on wages/salary, pension fund and union membership
  • Period of employment and work hours
  • Termination clauses 

In order to make the employment contract upon arrival the following information is needed. Please provide them as soon as possible to the relevant HR department.

  • NAME
  • BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER (12 digits)
  • EDUCATION (last degree month and year)

Post-docs and Phd positions at the University of Iceland are usually a project based employment and a temporary employment. It will end and be complete parallel to the project.

For all international UI employees the personal tax discount gets activated by the arrival date of the employee.

UI Payslip

The University of Iceland pays wages afterwards, they are always paid directly into a bank account of the first day of the month.

All UI employees receive an electronic payslip (launaseðill) into their on-line bank account. You find it under the field "electronic documents". Printed version of the pay slip is not available.

The payslip contains information on their wages that details the amount paid as well as deductions such as taxes, pension fund premiums and union membership fees. It is important to review your payslip to make sure that your employer has made the correct deductions and that you are paying your taxes and other duties in accordance with the law and the employment terms.

An example of a typical Icelandic pay slip can be found on the Euraxess Iceland website.

Further information on employment contracts, wages and payslip please contact UI Pay Roll Office.

UI Pay Roll Office is open 10.00-15:00 all weekdays. Tel: 525-4390

Paid Vacation

For those who get their vacation days paid due to short period of employment or other reasons, the payment is transferred into a special account "orlofsreikningur". You can withdraw from it after May 15th every year for the previous vacation period that runs May 1st until April 30th.

Those who leave Iceland before the vacation period ends can access the amount that has accumulates during the period by obtaining a confirmation letter from the Pay Roll Office. Please contact the Pay Roll Office for further information tel: 525-4390.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Parents employed for six months or longer in Iceland are entitled to paid leave when a child is born. At adoption or permanent foster of a child younger than eight years old is also eligible.

An international employee with a spouse outside of Iceland has accummulated right to a maternity/paternity leave for his/hers three months and can allocate the mutual three months for his/hers use as well. Total of six months.

It is recommended that employees continue to pay their dues to their union during maternity/paternity leave. If not they lose the rights with their trade union.

Those who have earned rights in a EEA state can often transfer their rights to Iceland. A parent must then attach the required certificates regarding periods worked and insurance periods to the application. Those who are not employed are entitled to a birth grant if they have had a legal residence in Iceland for twelve months or longer.

More information on the Maternity/Paternity Leave Fund.


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