Doctorate Students

renewable energyNon-EU/EEA Citizens

All non-EU/EEA doctorate students require a work- and residence permit in Iceland.

All doctorate students may apply for residence permits for their families on the grounds of family reuinification.

The Relocation Service assists all non-EU/EEA doctorate students with the residence and work permit application process.

EU/EEA Citicens

EU/EEA doctorate students get their Icelandic ID number through the UI Student Registration, first they are required to register into Iceland at Registers Iceland by changing their domicile.


All doctorate students can apply for housing at the Student Housing Association. The registration fee needs to be paid in order to have the housing application become activated. We strongly advise you to apply for student housing as the housing market in Reykjavik can be quite challenging due to low supply of housing and extremly high demand caused by the tourist boom.

Housing Benefits

Low income individuals are legible for housing benefits in Iceland. Doctorate students fall under this category so we advise all doctorate students to apply when they have moved to Iceland and have obtained a leasing agreement. Information on housing benefits, who are entitled to them, how to apply for them etc can be found on the Directorate of Labour webpage.




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