Applying for an ID Number

SunsetAll citizens in Iceland are registered in a national registration database managed by Registers Iceland. Everyone in the database receives a individually based number, ID number, based on six digits date of birth plus four randomly allocated digits. 

The Icelandic ID number is essential to live and work in Iceland. Everyone needs an ID number to get access to public health care, open a bank account, recieve a tax card, sign a rent agreement etc.

The Icelandic ID number is called "kennitala" in Icelandic.


EU/EEA Citizens

Nordic and other EU/EEA citizens need to apply for an Icelandic ID number at Registers Iceland once they arrive in Iceland. The process can take few weeks, in order to speed up the process the Relocation Service offers to apply for an ID number for UI staff only. That process takes about a day to finish but please take into consideration the ID number does not become activated until processed at Registers Iceland. The process can take weeks to finish. Meantime no citizen rights accummulates until the ID number becomes activated.


In order to apply for an ID number, the Relocation Service needs the following information for the fast track service:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Home Country  ID number - if applicable
  • Country of Birth
  • Country of Residence
  • Length of Stay in Iceland
  • Arrival Date

Please provide them sooner than later and email to or


Doctoral Students

EU/EEA doctoral students need to apply themselves for their ID number at the Registers Iceland, simultaneously when registered into Iceland and domicile is changed.


Non- EU/EEA Citizens

Non- European citizens can not undergo the same procedure as their cases go through the Directorate of Immigration and their ID number is issued simultaneously with the resident permit. The Relocation Service assists non-EU/EEA citizens in obtaining the ID number so we strongly recommend you contact us very soon upon your arrival.



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